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Ink/Reanimation Runner by iWarblood
Ink/Reanimation Runner
A Runner commission for 


Species: Runner
Type 1: Ink manipulation
Type 2: Reanimation 
SilentFall of HighClan by iWarblood
SilentFall of HighClan
Name: SilentFall

Nicknames: Sister, Teacher, Mentor

Gender: female

Rank: warrior

Apprentice: DECEASED  HailPaw…

  • Mute - She is capable of speaking, but she likes staying quiet. So it's advised to give her simple yes and no questions (so she could could simply nods or shake her head), otherwise if she finds your question difficult, she will most likely not answer you at all.
  • Helpful - She is more than happy to help anyone. But literally im not lying...... ANYONE. If she sees a cat that is hurt, she WILL help it. Regardless if its an enemy or an allie.
  • Smart - You could call her a secondary medicine cat. She is very skilled with herbs. If the medicine cat in your clan is busy and you need medical attention immediately, your best option is to go and meet SilentFall. She will fix you for just an honest thank you. 
  • After the death of her first apprentice became visually more aggressive and has a tendency to snap.

  • Grateful cats.
  • Brave apprentices.
  • Her clan.
  • Quiet nights and mornings.
  • Smell of fresh grass and flowers.
  • Obedience
  • Cats that hurt one another without a valid reason.
  • Hot days (she's more of a snow lover, 'cause snow is peaceful :D)
  • Many questions (she is not going to answer you, if you strike her with many questions)
  • Kits ( now.... understand that she will not snap at a kit, but if the kit starts asking her many questions and jumping around, she will most likely leave the nursery immediately)
  • Clarkpaw's personality. 

All the she-cats in her family were taught from even kithood to behave and be respectful to cats older than them. When SilentFall was born, she was inctently given the name SilentKit, for her good manners and perfect ability to listen and not interrupt other cats while the spoke. She played with every kit and loved playing medicine cat. Her mother at nighttime would tell her stories of different herbs, so that in the future she would know what to do if she got hurt and there was noone around to help her.

As an apprentice she was very good in ambushing, but disliked killing anything she caught. She continued being silent and helpful to everyone she knew. While being an apprentice she accidentally fell into a rabbit hole and scratched her paw, she found some herbs on the way back, went into the apprentice den and put the herbs on her paw. Some of the other apprentices noticed that her paw was bleeding, so they told the medicine cat. When the medicine cat came in and took a look at SilentPaw she just told the apprentices that theres nothing to worry about and that she was using the correct herbs to stop the bleeding. Later that day she was given her warrior name, SilentFall.  

When she became a warrior, there wasn't a time that she went into the medicine cats den, unless she wanted to help with collecting herbs. She is very quiet and swift with her movements, which makes her a good hunter. But she is a weak fighter because she has a very feminine form with weak bones and she's also very light-weight (she could never brawl, because you could easily push her down, she couldn't struggle against a strong built cat)

After losing her first apprentice, became hostile. Avoids cats as much as possible. Doesn't sleep in the same den as the other warriors. Takes orders only from RiverStar. Dislikes her new apprentice Clarkpaw for his personality. Might have slight outbursts of rage. Started to talk more, only in attempt to keep others away. Has become colder than usual.

Parents: N/A
Siblings: None.

Bullet; White= Mixed Feelings/Curious
Bullet; Blue= Friend/Good Friend
Bullet; Green= Great Friend/Best Friend
Bullet; Orange= Respect/Looks up to
Bullet; Purple= Family/Related
Bullet; Pink= Crush/Attraction
Bullet; Red= Love/Mate
Bullet; Black= Discomfort/Hate
Bullet; Yellow= Scared/Terrified of
Time started quiz : 12:36

1. Name : Gabija
2. Nickname(s) : Gabi, Gab, JigiJigi(don't ask), War, OakBurn, Bear or Bunny
3. Gender: female

4. When do you feel best (morning, afternoon, night): night
5. Are you talkative? : very
6. Tend to find fault with others : i don't even have to know you, i just notice instantly
7. Does a thorough job : :D (Big Grin)
8. Is depressed : have been diagnosed, yup
9. Is relaxed and handles stress well : i take stress easily, but if i make it in my own mind - depression kicks in
10. Is curious about lots of different things : i am actually, i know crazy things about themes that others wouldn't even think of searching up
11. Is full of energy : if I wanna do something - yes, if im forced - im a potato
12. Starts fights with others : i stop fights :) (Smile)
13. Worries a lot : fuck my brain
14. Is lazy : procrastination is my middle name :D (Big Grin)

15. Cold or Hot? cold
16. Light or Dark? dark
17: Sweet or Salty? tie, i like both
18. Coke or Lemonade? coke
19. Candy or Popcorn? candy
20. Loud or Quiet? quiet - all the way
21. Fast or Slow? slow
22. Soft or Hard? what are you implying~~~~
23. Easy or Difficult? easy, cause im lazy
24. Shiny or Sparkly? shiny
25. Vampires or Werewolves? vamps. edward cullen doesn't count
26. Puppies or Kittens: puppies
27: Rain or Shine? rain
28: Country or City? country for the feeling, city for the wifi
29: France or Fiji? france
30. Hamburger or Hot dog? hamburger
31. Palm tree or Weeping Willow? weeping willow
32. Dancing or Painting? i can't choose between these two. They are both my biggest passions.
33. Story writing or Reporters Writing? story
34. TV or Computer? whuts tv?
35. Face book or MySpace? FB
36. Windows or Mac? windows
37. Paint (program) or Photoshop? none of those - Krita fo the win
38. Bases or Normal Computer Drawing? from top to bottom your own drawing, only you - no help allowed 
39. Computer Drawing or Freehand? computer, but i enjoy freehand also
40. Colour or Black and White? black and white and a few brush strokes of the color blue or red
41. La la la la or Meow :3 ? Meow :3 
42.  Anime or Manga? anime

42. Have a Diary? i do but i dont always write in  it, only when sad
43. Have a stuffed toy? yasss, a big bear (half my size), a small white bear and a multi colored unicorn :3
44. Used to have one? stilll do, but i got rid of a lot of my other toys 
45. What was / is it? a large lion, tiger,dog....list goes on
46. Have a pet? not allowed one
47. What is/are they/it ? i used to have a bunny (Panda - The ducth rabbit PANDA by iWarblood) and fishes...
48. Have an instrument? Piano standing in my room, and a flute
49. Do you have a piggy bank (any shape) ? nope
50. Do you own more than 5 computer games? i wish ;-;
51. Do you know who Zelda is? who the fuck doesn't?
52. Do you have an ipod or mp3 or CD player? ipod
53. Do you have a gaming console? no Crying
54. Do you have a bookcase? yup
55. Do you own a novelty item, e.g. hannah montana gum boots, spongebob umbrella? guess glasses

56. Can you knit? aha
57. Can you crochet? no
58. Can you sew? yup
59. Can you do the can can? no
60. Can you play more than one instrument (including vocal training)? piano and flute, wanted to learn violin
61. Can you whistle? yup
62. Can you curl your tongue? yup
63. Can you click your fingers? always do, i can click almost any part of my body including waist
64. Can you touch type? ???
65. Can you eat chilli? in soups yes
66. Can you read books with more than 600 pages? harry potter bitch please
67. Can you crack your knuckles? aha
68. Can you crack your neck? yup
69. Can you crack your toes? always 
70. Can you crack your fingers? yas
71. Can you do the moon walk? once again i wish
72. Can you eat snails? never tried -would like to
73. Can you cook? i can - but i tend not to
74. Can you sing? a had a chorus teacher that shouted at how horrible my voice is 
75. Can you dance? every day - at least for 3h
76. Can you talk in chipmunk? i piss off a lot of people - but yes :D (Big Grin)
77. Can you raise your eyebrows? are there people that cant?
78. Can you raise one eyebrow? yes.
79. Can you sing the song banana phone?  ring ring ring banana phone
80. Can you eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar? i can eat a lot of strange things - including mayonnaise

81. Do you like pickles? yes, we actually make our own
82. Do you like pie? i bake them well, but i tend to gift them and not eat them myself
83. Do you like mayonnaise? question 80
84. Do you like tomato sauce? yes
85. Do you like candy floss? yes
86. Do you like pumpkin? pumpkin pancakes are the best
87. Do you like asparagus? the're ok
88. Do you like brussel sprouts? yup
89. Do you like beans? not that much, unless in soup
90. Do you like silver beet? no
91. Do you like carrots? yup
92. Do you like potato? always.
93. Do you like kumura (sweet potato)? kinda...
94. Do you like tomatoes? yup 
95. Do you like apples? yes
96. Do you like bananas? yes
97. Do you like pears? yes 
98. Do you like oranges? yes 
99. Do you like mandarins? yes
100. Do you like strawberries? yes
111. Do you like blueberries? yes
112. Do you like blackberries? not that much but yes
113. Do you like peaches? dislike them
114. Do you like raspberries? yassssss
115. Do you like nectarines? the're ok

116. Do you like music? the only cure to my damaged soul
117. Do you like classical music? i enjoy it from time to time
118. Do you like rock music? sometimes listen to it
119. Do you like pop music? some of it
120. Do you like rap music? rarely, but a few years back i was in to deep
121. Do you like hip hop music? yup
122. Do you like techno music? aww yas
123. Do you like writing? if in my native language - then no
124. Do you like reading? does fanfiction count?
125. Do you like art? i am art.

1. Do you like dancing? like i said - every day or night for 3 h
2. Do you like ipods and mp3s? yes - cause music
3. Do you like animals? i do- wish i had one now
4. Do you like wild animals or domestic? both are equally majestic
5. What's your favourite genre of music? rnb, and k-pop
6. What's your favourite genre of book? fantasy
7. What's your favourite food? i don't think i have one, im not picky
8. What's your favourite candy? choco
9. What's your favourite book? basicly books that are filled with quotes from famous philosophers
10. What's your favourite animal? i admire anything that can fly and also animals that manage to be in the deepest waters in our oceans- they have seen and felt then we humans have
11. What's your favourite season? autumn cause of all the colors 
12. What's your favourite song? this is question the moment [link] is stuck in my head, but other than that i cant ...
13. What's your favourite music composer? again impossible
14. What's your favourite band? i support bigbang and bts
15. What's your favourite subject? arts
16. What's your favourite job? artist, that manages to survive the world with only there art - i admire people like that
17. What's your favourite career? private art teacher
18. What's your favourite number? 7, 11, 13
19. What's your favourite day? when theres lots of snow and its quiet outside
20. What's your favourite time? night time, i love my personal space - away from other people
21. What's your favourite breakfast? yogurt and some toast
22. What's your favourite lunch? some chili soup
23. What's your favourite dinner? some green tea, fruits or veges slightly baked
24. What's your favourite place to have a date? just walking for a long time with no destination - i love not knowing whats gonna happen 
25. What's your favourite website? you're on it now :D (Big Grin)
26. What's your favourite shape? scribbles, nothing specific 
27. What's your favourite colour? teal
28. What's your favourite pattern? stripes or gradients
29. What's your favourite quote? normalness leads to sadness- philip micheal lester (one of my heros)
30. What's your favourite artist? i seek out good things in different artists
31. What's your favourite author? don have one
32. What's your favourite outfit? something comfy and boyish :p (Lick)
33. What's your favourite computer game? alll the pokemon games on emulator :D (Big Grin)
34. What's your favourite gaming console? ps
35. What's your favourite place to be? on my laptop
36. What's your favourite thing to do? listen to music,dance, do art and eat - at the same time
37. What's your favourite movie?  tom wick
38. What's your favourite actor? Tom Hiddleston
39. What's your favourite actress? i don't have any female actresses i pay attention to
40. What's your favourite movie snack? some gummies
41. What's your favourite place to watch movies? cinema
42. What's your favourite accessory? bracelet 
43. What's your favourite art material to use? graphic tablet
44. What's your favourite place to work on your art?  in my room on ma bed
45. What's your favourite drink? aloe vera
46. What's your favourite flavour? spicy
47. What's your favourite eye colour? blue and brown
48. What's your favourite hair colour? i like dark colored hair more 
49. How many fillings do you have? ????whut???
50. How many times have you brushed your teeth today? none :D (Big Grin)
51. How many deviations do you have? 340 WHUT O_O
52. How many page views do you have? 8,206
53. How many people have favourited your work? 1,606 times
54. How many favourites do you have?  52 pages of faved goodness
55. How many journal entries have you done? 115
56. How many bookmarks (computer) do you have? none
57. How many things are on your desktop? a lot of shit, my laptops new so im trying to set it up
58. What is your desktop picture right now?
59. What is your screen saver of?
60. What time is it? 9:40
61. What is your computers hard drive called?
62. What's the name of the nearest book to you? Tapyba - a lithuanian book about arts
63. Where are you right now? at a pc?
64. What was the last movie you watched called? sherlock
65. What have you got planned for tomorrow? school ;_;
66. What are you wearing? a pink bear hoodie, leggings
67. How many quizzes are in your journal? maybe 5?
68. Do you like doing quizzes? yup, helps me get away from doing something productive 
69. Why are you doing this quiz? an excuse to not clean my room
70. Favourite emote goes here : I am a dummy!
71. Favourite plz account goes here :iconhuaghplz:
72. Link to your best picture : Play My Battle Music i like but i would re-create it now
73. First word that comes to mind? bromance .... cause [link]
74. What day is it? 18th
75. What day is your birthday? august 24
76. How many days till your birthday? a lot :( (Sad)
77. What do you want for a present? a place in the uni i want, a flat, and a pitbull
78. What's the best thing you own? honestly my graphic tablet, then goes my laptop, my ipod, phone and my headphones. Give me those i don't need air
79. What stereotype are you? e.g. nerd, prep, jock, goth Nerd-tomboy-reject-artkid
80. What's your favourite word? the game
81. Why? cause you just lost it.
82. Do you have a cell phone? yas.
83. How many contacts do you have? 23 actually
84. What is your screen saver on your phone of? some sexy legs
85. What games are on you phone? none actually
86. Is there something important you should be doing while you're doing this test? yas :D (Big Grin)
87. Do you wish this quiz would end? no.
88. Do you have an internet diary? da journal?
89. Are your nails painted? no
90. Do you have highlights? nope
91. Smoke? hell naw
92. Have a disorder? i might.
93. Have drugs? nope
94. What did you do yesterday? shop
95. Do you think anyone who watches you has read this far? free art if you write- piesi? i doubt.
96. How many people watch you? 122
97. The first person to watch you was : ShadeCypherus
98. Second? XxRavenAshXx
99. Third? eeveehop
100. Fourth? fungirly16
101. Why are you on deviant art? Art is the one thing that keeps me going...
102. When did you first start? DA? 6 years ago O_o  
103. What's your personal quote? Its not actually personal its made by Phil Lester (my hero) : "Normalness leads to sadness."
104. Operating system? Windows
105. Hero? Phillip Micheal Lester AKA Amazingphil :iconamazingphilicon: (saved me from depression, long story.....)
106. Favourite cartoon character? OMG i have so many.....
107. Book character? Really you're gonna do this?
108. Movie character? OMG... Loki, Sherlock, Stifler, Hannibal...I CAN'T write them all down, damn.
109. Pick up the book next to you, page 26, line 8? Vartų koplyčioje, tikrai retas atvejis. Tūlos namai irgi liko. (its in lithuanian, if you're interested what i just wrote - google translate yo friend.)
110. What do you do in your spare time? Talk to myself, blast music on max volume, draw, write poems. Isolating myself from the world - best feeling ever.
111. What's your favourite TV show? At the moment. ASTFLVCCGHBB HANNIBAL omg.
112. I like long quizzes... do you? Doing this in two parts to be honest. If not in two - then irritating.
113. Best friend/s? morkavicheuseu <3
114. Have you started a deviant art family? Not really.... would anyone want to be part of my familia???
115. Are you going to? If someone joins then of course
116. Do you even know what that is? Of course i do. 
117. Has at least one of these questions confused you? Not really....
118. What season is it? Spring.
119. What month is it? April
120. What day is it? 7
121. What year is it? 2015
122. What species are you? Human. Would much rather be something else.
123. If you were a mythical creature you'd be: Warblood Realisim REF by iWarblood Queen.
124. If you were a drink you'd be: Cinnamon Tea with mint
125. If you were an object you'd be: Tiger striped wall paper
126. If you were a book you'd be: A journal with blank pages.
127. If you were a movie you'd be: Montage of people doing everyday lives. While i calmly read inspirational quotes, sing and generally talk.
128. Are you bored? To be fair - yes.
129. What was the last thing you celebrated? Easter.
130. What was the last thing you posted on deviant art? The last out of the water by iWarblood
131. Do you do anything for deviant art literature? I actually do poems - but i never post them.
132. Are you a llama trader? Yup.
133. Llama trade? yas.
134. How many points do you have? I won a contest not long ago so now i have - 1,239 :)
135. Do you have a donation pool open? yup.
136. Do you buy your points? nop.
137. Do you buy art off deviant art? as commissions yes. 
138. Do you have a premium membership? no. 
139. Do you have deviant wear? no- would love to :3
140. Are you planning to get a premium membership? maybe when i feel more stable of staying here.
141. Saving up? aha.
142. Requests open? always. just catch me when im bored. 
143. Art trades? yes.
144. Collabs? yes.
145. Commissions? yes. 
146. You you have a skype or IM? OakBurn on skype 
147. Online names you've used? Iwarblood, shayminskyform, DJ-Ruka (don't ask), PurpleFire, OakBurn(ed).
148. On your computer what's your user name? Gabi
149. Are your pillows feather pillows? Dormeo 
150. Ever had a pillow fight? yes.
151. Are you athletic? im a FULL time bed potato.
152. Do you do any sports? yes many lies.
153. Are you allergic to anything? Celery actually.
154. Do you like to try new things? Im scare but also intrigued.
155. Are you planning to enter the most recent deviant art competition? I believe i must try to become a even better artist, maybe after a few more years.
156. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Talking to myself out load (or laughing out of the blue) and letting people see it, so they don't approach me.
157. What is it? just told you.
158. Your favourite computer font is? Calibri
159. Your favourite word processor? Word?
160. Do you wear jewellery? I like bracelets.
161. Do you wear make up? Only mascara....ain't nothing else touchin my face
162. Are you obsessed about what you look like? I want to be satisfied of my looks- but in the same time its to much work so i stop caring.
163. How many accounts do you have on deviant art?  3 - two that i don't use.
164. Do you have any posters in your room? No :(
165. Do you share your bedroom with anyone? nope, nopety nope nope. stop.
166. Do you have your walls wallpapered or painted? Wallpaper 
167. What colour / pattern are they? baige color, and in some parts tiger stripes.
168. Name of book next to you? Tūla- Jurgis Kučinas
169. Do you have birthday parties? yes. 
170. What's something weird about you? No matter what the hell you are I WILL except you. Unless you rude. I eat rude people. People say its weird....
171. What are your initials? GP
172. Do you have braces? Never had - perfect teeth.
173. Skin colour? Light, a little bit tan - i guess.
174. Glasses/Contacts? Contacts - always.
175. Tattoos? Would love.
176. Mannerisms? High respect, and proper manors. 
177. Piercings? Only two.
178. Do you have a birthmark? On my hip.
179. What's your favourite thing for breakfast? Anything. there's only one rule - there's gotta be  a lot of it
180. What's your favourite website? At the moment - yt, tumblr, DA, younow, instagram....don't make me choose.
181. Do you have a crush on someone? ...yup...
182. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? HELL NAW
183. Do you have a secret talent? im secretly a queen. 
184. Can you sing the alphabet backwards? even gonna try
185. Can you eat a whole pizza? I eat a family sized pizza by myself.....and still have place for some more.
186. Can you speak any different languages? English, Lithuanian - fluently. Russian, German - learning.
187. Have you won something at the lottery? A few euros..not much
188. Ran away? more like kicked out for the night 
189. Solved a rubix cube? yes. 
190. Gone out in public in your pj's? lots of times, peeps don't know that they were pj - they don't look like pjs
191. Seen a shooting star? no :(
192. Had surgery? the moment i was born i was given surgery to seal up a hole in my stomach - still have the stitches.
193. Gotten lost? A lot; in multiple ways
194. Broken a bone? Damn you, right leg
195. Been to disney land? no 
196. Been arrested? no
197. Been to any other countries? Almost all of Europe :)
198. You are annoyed by? Rude people. (not because of the fandom :D, I woke up like this XD)
199. Your are tired of? Life's complete and utter BULLSHIT.
200. You will always? Breath in arts calming nature.
201. What country do you live in? Lithuania.
202. Do you think you are popular? Im know well among my piers , im not popular. 
203. Are you an only child? Nope, little bro.
204. Who are you gonna tag? Who ever the fuck wants to introduce themselves to the internet.
206. How long quiz took you: probably only a few hours, but by the time gap - MAYBE A MONTH???


iWarblood's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
"Hello. Look at your comment, now back to mine, now back to your comment NOW back to MINE. Sadly, it isn't mine. But if you'd stop trolling and write a decent comment, it could look like mine. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're on the internet, with the comment YOUR comment could look like. Once on your screen, back at mine. I have it, a comment containing a meme. Look again. IT'S NOW A MASTERWORK! Anything's possible when you keep your mind open, I'm on the internet."

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen:
For a custom character(adoptable) 60 points
+ more complex 100 points
For a character with a transparent bg 70 points
For a character with simple bg 75 points
For character with complex bg 170 points

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Add a Comment:
omenaapple Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hi! any chance you're still making those two-eared long tailed creature adoptables? or just custom designs? or art trades for them? ;v; i loved the few you had before, and just thought i'd ask!
iWarblood Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they are actually a species of mine called Runners. 
A custom (you get to choose what element your runner is going to be, if you can't choose what element they are gonna be i will make the element, but you have to tell me what is the color pallet) it will be around 150 points for one custom
omenaapple Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh, Runners sound cool! *v* good to know!
any chance you'd be willing to make a custom for 130 points, since 131 is all i have to my name right now? ;o; if you can't, i'll try to save up more.. anyhow!
this deal sounds good to me- what are the available elements? will they affect the look of the runner? >v>

sorry for my question spam aha, i just really love the creatures! ;v;
iWarblood Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess i could make it for 130 :)
Just a warning im very busy with my exams and all right now, so don't be surprised if it takes me a little bit more time to finish the custom.
The elements are all very different and vast, for example, the second one…  is a rose&stitch Runner (aka it can leave a trail of roses where he goes and if wounded more stitch markings appear on its body - healing the wound)
The first element has to be an outer effect ( flower trails, fog manipulation, fire/water control, and soooooo on) 
The secondary one specifically effects only the Runner ( self healing, bone manipulation, reanimation, etc.)
If you can't choose what elements you want them to be, you can give me the color pallet and some extra info on what there personality they have, life style, etc. 
(1 Reply)
TheClansOf-TheValley Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, just wanted to remind you there are 4 days left to save your cat for the bird disease event. (You have Chrysalissong and Locustflight) 
If you need an extension just let me know I can give you possibly about a week but there are a few other events coming up so I can't give you very long. 
iWarblood Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the reminder.
Tomorrow im having an exam, and a few days after that a second one.
I will complete all of the events - promise.
Ill draw and try to write a detailed description for each picture i do.
But at the moment i REALLY need an extension.
Thank you for understanding.
TheClansOf-TheValley Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright I can give you an extension until the 19th but that's all I can do. There's a secret Starclan event going on during that week and after that activity checks so I can't give you any longer sorry, 
iWarblood Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
more than enough, i literally just finished one of my exams half an hour ago :D
had like 4 mental breakdowns in the process of a 3 hour 1000 written exam,
W-O-L-O Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-pokes- kaaa tu
iWarblood Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-pedosmile- havin an artblock, tu?
W-O-L-O Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ same , niekaip ngl konors nupiest, nors antiek jau daug turiu ko nupiest zmoniem. Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
iWarblood Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
don't worry you're not the only one.
aiskus man dar plius existential crisis su egzais uz savaites, kuriuos abejoju kad islaikysiu nes per pastara savaite jau du kartus netekau samones nuo streso (drinkin anti-stress pills - not helping)  :(
All im asking out of life:
is becoming a youtuber,
a digital artist (as a hobby)
playing pokemon everyday
and a dikdik as a pet.
Tai butu, as net nejuokauju, ne as RIMTAI nejuokauju.
IDEALIAUSIAS ir mano nuo vaikystes isvajotas gyvenimas.
irrrrr tada prisimenu kad magijos nera ir pasuku savo zvilgsni i atvira devinto auksto langa.
Ir tada mazas balselis mano galvoj man pasako:
you can fly~
Im losing hope fast.
Shiny-Dots Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya man, thanks for the lama! :D
fadedworlds Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for the llama badge :D  
iWarblood Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fadedworlds Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Student Writer
SOMEONE'S EXICTED :happybounce: 
iWarblood Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't even imagine...
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M1LK-CH3RRY Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I stumbled across your art and let me say that it's really lovely, but I also saw that you had an interest in Warriors and was wondering if you'd check out a roleplay group;
We accept almost anyone as long as they read the rules, I hope you see your cat in there soon.

Thanks for considering! owo)/
iWarblood Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the offer :)
i will definitely watch the group and give it a llama but unfortunately i can't join.
i have 5 warriors and already i feel like a total shit for not being able to fully rp with all of them.
i wouldn't want to be the inactive member of the group. :(
Good luck on finding new members :thumbsup:
M1LK-CH3RRY Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very kindly, and I hope some day you do decide to join ;3;
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